Our vacation in Moalboal

How do you get to Moalboal? Flight from Germany directly to Cebu. You will receive a visa at the airport for one month, which you must extend before it expires, up to a total of 3 years. From the airport, drive directly to the “South Bus Terminal” in the south of Cebu. At the terminal, please simply ask the bus for Moalboal, get on and relax for about 3 hours. Just before Moalboal, someone will ask you where you want to get off and you answer “Old Gaisano.” If you call us 30 minutes in advance, we will meet you there by car and bring you home (only available for bookings of at least one week). The taxi fare is around 250 pesos, the bus ride is just under 200 pesos. It’s actually quite simple, but you can also get chauffeured here by taxi directly from the airport. Attention! Pay a maximum of 3,000 pesos, rather just 2,500 pesos.

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