Peter’s Ranch with 38 square meters of living space

This exclusive apartment is located in Moalboal, about 100 km from the capital city of Cebu. Near her home, you’ll find lots of great endless beaches and great resorts to stay in. There are many restaurants and two large shopping centers there and in the village. Motorbikes and cars can be rented at reasonable prices. Back to your home, be sure to relax in our small pool or large jacuzzis at a pleasant 33°C. You can book with us for a minimum of 4 nights and for now also for a whole month or longer. We offer interesting offers for long-term bookings. Moalboal is particularly suitable for wintering.

The apartment offers accommodation in Moalboal with access to a garden with a heated jacuzzi. The property is equipped with an aircon and is 24 km from Kawasan Waterfalls. Private parking is available on site and free WiFi is available. The apartment itself consists of a large bedroom with a queen size bed for 2 adults and a bunk bed 190 cm x 120 cm for a further 2 people. Children up to 6 years are free of charge. There is also 1 flat-screen TV in the bedroom and an equipped small kitchenette. Separate a bathroom with a shower.

Our daily rates for 2 adults are 1750 peso/night (28.87€), a week (7 days) 12,250 pesos (206€), a full month costs 47,280 pesos (780€) incl. Electricity costs, water costs and WiFi. Children under 6 years can stay for free, from 7 — 12 years the accommodation costs are reduced to 4.32 €/day, from 13 to 18 years old to 7 €/ day. Adults aged 18 and over pay 11 €/day. The use of the hot tub is free of charge.

Example calculation: You book for 2 weeks (14 days) which is paid 404€ for both of you. Her eleven-year-old son costs an additional 60.48€ and her 17-year-old daughter 98€. Your children will sleep in the very comfortable new bunk beds.

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